Euphony got their start in 2005 as a side project. The Wallberg brothers wanted to play in a band together and Simon ”Kaffe” Meyers wanted to be a lead singer in a band, instead of just playing the drums. He was already playing drums in ”Six Enough”, which was his main project together with Marcus. They played together without any real pretentions or genres in mind, and rehearsals were relatively sparse until 2007, when the project was cancelled. At this point they decided to get serious, moving to a rehearsal space closer to downtown Stockholm. At the same time, however, the current bass player Magnus Berg decided to leave, and the search for a new bassist began.


Max brought in his friend Johan Wahlström, and the band began working on their first demo. The demo was finished in 2008. During this period the band started getting some gigs, among them one on the fabled big stage at Kungsträdgården. The band felt ready to start putting some real effort into the band, but unfortunately the bass player Johan had to leave the band to focus on other things. Thus, the search for a bass player resumed.


Just a few months later they found Onur Elibol, who was looking for a band in Sweden to play with. They knew from the first time Onur tuned up his bass that he was the right man for the job. This was the start of a very positive period for the band, and it lead to the release of the split single Caged Magister/Choking in 2009. The following summer Euphony once again took the stage at Kungsträdgården, this time by their own accord. All good things must come to an end, however. Onur had trouble supporting himself in Sweden, and ultimately had to return to Turkey, where jobs as a musician were waiting for him. Once again Euphony was up **** creek without a paddle, without a bass player. Back up on the horse again!


This search ended when finding Hans Lindberg, a seasoned bassist with a tasteful style of play. Work was resumed, but before they had a chance to record their debut album they faced an all too familiar issue; Hans (father of a bunch of children and husband to a wife), who lived over an hour’s drive away had to cut down on some things to make time for work and family and…


…well, Euphony was cut. Now the depression of the band had reached its peak, and for a great while nothing happened. Eventually they decided to continue working without a permanent bass player in the band, and bring in a temp when the occasion called for it. After working like this for a period of time, they received a tip about a bass player, and thought ”we might as well try him out”. This resulted in Samuel Vidén joining the band, a former musician turned law student, and the depression was lifted from Euphony. Since then they have been working actively towards finishing the recording of their debut album, which hopefully will see the light of day during 2013. They will be pursuing gigs during the recording process.

Tagged: September 3, 2011